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main business applications: machine parts, castings, non metal parts cleaning and deburring flexible assembly, surface treatment, grinding and polishing, cutting, welding, processing, logistics, intelligent sorting, robot and material, machine processing, forging, stamping, bending and so on.

beijing dongfang daying technology co., ltd.

beijing dongfang daying technology co., ltd. has been engaged in the development and application integration of flexible machining system and automation technology for more than ten years. it focuses on robot flexible grinding and polishing, robot casting grinding, robot deburring, robot flexible assembly, robot milling and robot special processing, which provide professional automation solutions for the equipment manufacturing industry.

in 2005, i developed the first robot flexible grinding and polishing processing system in china. in 2006, the first set of flexible cleaning workstation for the crankshaft of the robot engine in china, and so on, and so on, and so on and many special applications have pioneered the domestic application.

we have a number of core technology, in the process of robot automatic processing of workpiece mixed line production, workpiece repetition precision is poor, workpiece duplication error and so on, we have the mature technology of our own alone. based on the exploration of advanced technology obsessed with the pioneer and industry technology research as the basic project management concept, dongfang dying company solves the problem and applies the equipment in all fields of industry for the industry. our company has a deep cooperation with the national university of aeronautics and astronautics, yangtze university and other national key projects and industry blank projects, and has established long-term strategic cooperation with kuka robot, 3m, saint gobain and other companies in germany.



10 years or so experience in robot non standard manufacturing industry.

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beijing dongfang daying technology co., ltd.
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