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the company's existing technology team has rich experience in the construction of robot non standard manufacturing industry for about 10 years. since its establishment, the company has attached great importance to the research and accumulation of technology in various application industries. in robot machined parts, castings, plastic parts, rubber parts cleaning and deburring system, robot irregular curved surface flexible grinding and throwing system, robot copper maintainer chamfering deburring system, robot wind electric bearing holder grinding and chamfering flexible machining system, robot laser tracking arc welding workstation, robot laser three dimensional cutting (including metal and non metal) workstation, robot machine tool up and down system, robot precision shot peening workstation, robot forging water cutter cutting system, robot aero blade tenon and tenon and chamfering workstation, robot sand core casting assembly line, robot projectile head forging line, robot casting and forging there are plenty of ways to solve the problem of hardness, marking line, robot car hub manufacturing logistics system, robot high pressure pump, gearbox assembly workstation and so on.

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beijing dongfang daying technology co., ltd.
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